Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My networth after 7 years of investment earning a median income

Hi everyone,

I am just an average Singaporean earning an average income, working a 9-5 job, taking bread home monthly. Have been carrying this routine for the past 6 years.

I am writing this blog with the intent to tack my investment views and networth over the years.

Type of Investor

There are many types of investor or the investment committee tend to classify investor into different classes. From value investor to technical analysis investor. I do not know how to classify myself. Basically I follow my own rules and my own feeling on the investment I am making. There is no hard and fast rule. I believe this is so for every individual interested in investing in the stock market. What may work for an individual may not or I will say will not work for another individual. This is due to a persons character and no two person are born the same hence both will have different rules.

Net Worth 

When I just started working, I am to hit my 1st 100K by 30(started working at 25). As my blog suggest I am just an Average Joe. I started investing when i got my first pay chq. My networth at that time was probably 1 to 2K. To go from SGD 2K to 100K in 4 years sounds like a tall order but it was a goal I was aiming at. My p.a salary at that time was a little less than 25K p.a. By the time I am 30, my salary just hit 50K p.a. I am obviously not doing very well in my job. I however managed to hit the 100K mark at age 29. The table shows my journey from 0 to 100K in 5 years or so. The data in 2009 and 2010 are inaccurate as I did not track my trading gains/losses and dividends. I only kept track of my networth.

YearDIVTrading Gain/LossNet Worth


In the early days, I only trade our Singapore Market. As the years gone by I gain more knowledge and have greater exposure to different asset class. I now trade stocks in Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA. In addition to stocks, I also trade Futures. This however is not for the faint heart and you need to know what you are doing before attempting to touch this asset class. For futures I only touch Australia 30 day interest rate and SGP futures. So far I have been doing quite well in this area 


As I am a median income earner, I am more of a saver than a spender. And i tend not to take loans and prefer to pay off my debts ASAP. Probably this is my character and its difficult to explain. The only loan I have currently is my HDB loan. I took a 30 year loan from HDB and do not plan to pay it back anytime soon. For 2.6% p.a, I can easily beat that amount from my investment hence its a borrowing I am willing to hold onto. There are no other loans that low except for mortgage loan in the market. Even balance transfer has an E.I.R above 3%. I am able to pay off my HDB loan if I want to today hence I will consider myself as debt free. Financial freedom however is still many years ahead


I will be 33 this year. As of today, my portfolio stands at 200+K. Will talk about the journey from 100K to 200K in another installment. For now its just a brief introduction.


  1. Hello!

    Very excited to read your blog and hope you can share some methods as I am doing very badly in the stock market investment and I also hope to grow my income and help to take care of my family!

    Thank you! Btw I am 32 this year but I am nowhere near your portfolio of 200k. My networth is not even 200k...

    1. Hi sean, my methods changes over the years. What works for me may not work for you as our time horizon, commitment, character, knowledge all differs in many aspect.

      However i think the most basic in all investment is to know the product. For the investment you are in. Do you know the product well. i.e If you are holding a certain company stock how well do you know about the company. How confident are you in the management ability to manage it. A well managed company even if you but at a price that is above its true value today will still turn out not to bad over time.

    2. Would be happy to learn from you what are the methods you use to value the company.

      I admit I don't really spend a lot of time reading abt the company. I just read the financial reports and see the summary which is mostly about the net profit and revenue.

      Please continue to post and share about what pointers you use to identify that a stock is good and how to value it.

      Thank you!